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Husband and wife photographers in the greater Philadelphia area.

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Tall, bearded, lover of puppies.

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Not as tall, much better looking, also lover of puppies.

What Wyatt says about Lindsey

The first time I met Lindsey I thought that there was no way this stunningly attractive woman was not only there to see me (I distinctly remember sweaty palms and being afraid to pick up my cup of coffee due to tremblng hands), but I'd somehow have to figure out a way to talk to her without sounding like a complete baffoon. Either I managed to play it cool, or she has a thing for baffoons, because we quickly became inseparable. We began doing everything together - we still do - and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I'm incredibly fortunate to have a partner in life that I truly call my best friend, and even more fortunate to be able to photograph so many amazing people attached at the hip to such a talented photographer. She still steals my breath away every day that she wakes up beside me, and if you get a chance to meet her I think she may just do the same to you.

What Lindsey says about Wyatt

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